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Smart. Connected. For Womxn. By Womxn.

Let's create a better way to travel


We celebrate & support first generation solo womxn travelers. We also believe that we can change the world. 

Join us. Únete. 


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Join thousands of women that support each other and help each other travel. 

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Access travel guides full of recommendations and safety tips directly from our travelers. 

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Help us create a better way to travel and share your solo traveler advice! 


Porque todas tenemos el derecho de viajar solas.

Because we want to travel sola and we deserve it.


Join thousands of womxn who support each other and help each other travel.

Know before you go. Share your recommendations. Get tips from other travelers. Help other women travel to your city and stay safe during her stay.


Our Promise

We keep it real. All our reviews and recommendations come directly from our community. No ads, no promotions.

We look out for each other. Our community is committed to providing honest, practical advice on where to stay, where to go, and how to stay secure while you travel.


Plan your next trip.


Access our guides.

Finally! Travel guides by women for women. All of our recommendations come directly from SOLA Travelers. 




 You ask questions.

Sola Travelers are committed to helping each other travel. Join our facebook group. Ask your questions and prepare for your trip. 


We do the work.

We take our group's top recommendations and safety tips to curate a guide just for you. 


SOLA guides are created.

You get access to real, practical advice from solo women travelers that have been there before. 



Share your advice


Have you ever traveled to a city and wished you could get advice from a woman that has traveled there before?  

Is this a good route to take?

Is this a safe place to stay?

What's the best restaurant in town?

What are the best things to do in this city as a solo womxn traveler? 


Share your advice and help us create a better way to travel. 


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