Ladies Afternoon in Georgetown

Let's go out in Georgetown! Georgetown is a historic neighborhood, commercial, and entertainment district located along the Potomac River.



We will meet at a cozy tea house offering full tea service with sandwiches plus pastries such as scones and croissants, and for dessert, macaroons. The setting is so calming and beautiful you truly are able to relax and disconnect from the buzz of our working lives for a minute to sit and enjoy a cup of tea for once.

After we eat our lunch we will make our way by walking through the beautiful cobblestone streets of Georgetown to the famous Georgetown Cupcake. Where we will each indulge in the most amazing cupcake you have ever tasted.



Whats included: 

  • Planning support before your trip
  • Local outing in Georgetown
  • Full Tea Lunch at Lady Camellia
  • A Georgetown Cupcake 
  • Post-outing support during your stay. 



Hi! I am a Sola Insider based in Washington, DC. I am a small town country girl from New Mexico turned fast paced champagne and glitter enthusiast with a passion for the finer things in life. While my first love will always be green chile and watching a sunset over the NM horizons, DC also checks every box on my list of things I love. Whether it is fashion, food, an amazing view, or entertainment, it may all be obtained with a short walk or drive. I enjoy having endless opportunities at my fingertips. Together we will explore DC's trendiest places and best kept secrets.

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