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A purpose driven travel company that provides womxn with a smarter way to plan their trips and a better way to experience the world.


The Inspiration


In 2016, I went from working at a super busy startup to working as an independent consultant with my own schedule. I was pumped about my potential time off but I often found myself unable to find friends or family that could take time off at the same time or go to the same place.

My solution was to visit friends who lived in other countries. Towards the end of the year, I traveled to visit an old friend. Jorge was an excellent host, but he wasn’t able to answer all my questions during the trip: What were the best places to shop? Where could I get my hair done? We did our best to research but I wished in those moments that I had a local girl friend to help.

Then one night, when we were out, a stranger at a bar harassed me. I didn’t think that it would affect me that much, but the next day, I was still pretty upset about it. It was then that Jorge reached out to one of his friends, Jamie. Jamie was super sweet and we instantly became good friends. At lunch, I told her about the incident and she understood exactly where I was coming from. It was in that moment that I realized that women around the world share a common understanding and connection.It was after meeting Jamie that I thought about  a world where women could support each other and help each other travel. 

I came back to NYC and told M about my trip. We reflected on our own travels, the shortcomings, and our ability to change the way women travel. We thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to connect with another woman, who was just like you, in another part of the world? Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what it’s like to be a woman in that very space?

We believe we can create that world with SOLA. 

M and Valeska, Founders of Sola Travelers

M and Valeska, Founders of Sola Travelers