Furman 2013, French Translator, Cellist

Hey everybody, I live in Paris and study French translation. Paris is full of history, art, music, instragrammable desserts, wine + terraces, and tourists. I've definitely done the whole tourist thing, and still pop in now and again at impressive monuments, but this past year, I've been more into getting to know my neighborhood and finding places I'd never heard of. I joined an orchestra and am well-versed in finding free events (also a great reason to try something new). The more time I spend here, the more I realize that Paris isn't that complicated. People really do just sit around in cafés and shoot the breeze. The trick is to find the right café.

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Let's go out in Paris!


Paris outings are available until July 28, 2017.

La Coulée Verde


Just like the Highline in New York, la Coulée Verte is a former train track turned into a path for pedestrians. It’s a great example of the green spaces in Paris, which range from manicured gardens to more wild, hilltop parks...

Afternoon at The Marais


One of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris is the Marais. It’s the historic Jewish neighborhood and now the gay mecca of Paris, with a mix of felafel shops and trendy boutiques...

Tea at the Mosque


We’ll meet at the mosque and see a piece of North Africa in Paris, then we’ll have mint tea in the outdoor café. We’ll explore the Jardin des Plantes next, a botanical garden and public park...