SOLA in Paris


Top Things To Do


Musée D'Orsay

"My friend recommended getting a Museum pass, which I probably should have done. Of course go to the Louvre, but I'll say the Musée D'Orsay is my preferred art museum." – Yari A.


Jardin de Tuileries

“It’s touristy but convenient for getting around the city and beautiful to walk around” -Stephanie C.

“You have to have Nutella crepes underneath the ferris wheel!"



"And definitely visit Versailles. I suggest renting the bicycles once you get to the garden so that you can ride around the entire thing. Most people don’t try to walk around because the lake is so large!" – Graciela Marques



Top Neighborhoods To Visit



“In Paris, I stayed in the Montmartre neighborhood alone. It is super cute, Parisian and quaint. Don’t eat near the Eiffel Tower! Overpriced touristy food. Stay and go to Montmartre” - Natalia Navas

“Take a tour of the Montmartre area! I used sandemans but even walking around on your own it’ll be beautiful.” – Graciela Marques

Have lunch in Montmartre - get on the carousel before taking the funicular to the Sacre Coeur (artist square)



Île Saint-Louis

“It's basically a little oasis right in the middle of Paris. Right across from Notre Dame and walking distance to the Marais.” -Rachel Meinerding



Top Places To Eat


Pierre Herme

Patisserie/Cake shop - “They have the best macarons!”

le duex magots.JPG

Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots has, in my opinion, the BEST hot chocolate. And take the time to walk and "get lost".



"Great crepes and they have a great  lunch deal (in the 7th not far from the Eiffel Tower, best to make a reservation especially for dinner)" - Laura



Perfect Places for the 'Gram

1. Breakfast at Plaza Athene
2. After dinner drinks (Rose) at Hotel Costes (and not just because Kim K stays there) 
3. Pont des Arts - great view of the seine and Paris from the bridge 
4. Moulin Rouge - not my favorite neighborhood but still good location for pics 
5. Avenue Montaigne - where the rich go shop and the rest of us just go to window shop. 

What To Know Before You Go


  • “In Paris - metro/RER during the day into say around 10ish pm and then after that Uber” -Laura Bombardi

  • "Public transit for sure in Paris - I took Ubers in Paris at night if I'd had a couple"

  • “Definitely buy the "carnet" for subway, buy several at once vs. individually (also, don't forget to hang on to your ticket, you need it to enter AND exit the station).”

  • "Taking the metro (super simple) will put you in places all over at a relatively cheap price"



  • “Make sure you keep credit cards and money hidden. Do not take passport when you are walking out and have nothing in purse you mind losing.”
  • Tipping isn't expected-- 1 or 2 euros show that service was BEYOND amazing.



  • "Try to leave some of the touristy places behind and experience "real Paris". It's pretty safe (especially in comparison to many US big cities)."



  • Waiters will not check on you like they do in America. They consider it rude to swing by with "do you need anything?" over and over like they do in the US. Making eye contact and raising your hand will get their attention.
  • Try to pick up a few words of French before going (they appreciate the effort and will be nicer to you).


"Oh, and the Eiffel tower turns off late at night to conserve energy. No need to sneak away to see it at 1AM. You'll be disappointed and standing in a dark park." - Jasmine Jones


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