Cornell 2009, Mobile App PM, Salsa Enthusiast  

Hi! I'm a Jersey girl that lives right across the water from NYC. I love to go out, eat at great restaurants and enjoy live music. During the week, you can catch me at the Metropolitan Opera, small venue concerts (love those!), a live DJ spin class or one of my favorite restaurants. My weekends are usually reserved for salsa dancing and Sunday brunch with the girls (very important).

Fun fact: I lived in Costa Rica for a couple years after undergrad while I was a management consultant! Yes, I speak Spanish fluently. I'll thank my parents for that one. :)

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Let's go out in New York City!


Have a relaxing afternoon and take in New York City's breathtaking views. After our walk, we'll have drinks at the W Hoboken. 


Spanish Harlem is one of my favorite places to hang out. The food, music, and murals are all vibrant and fun.